The Four Noble Truths
Rev Saido Kennaway talks about the Four Noble Truths which is the basis of Buddhism. Buddhist teachings show you a way of practice, to become liberated from greed hate and delusion and in this very moment realise Bright Buddha Nature. In other words Practice-Enlightenment. The talk was recorded in the common room at Telford Buddhist Priory.

Talk on the Heart Sutra, The Scripture of Great Wisdom.

Rev Saido Kennaway talks about the Scipture of Great Wisdom. It was given in October 2018 at Dharmazuflucht Schwarzwald an OBC temple in Germany.

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Talking of Mountains
A Talk on one of Dogen's discourses by Chris Hughes, Lay Minister; given one June Sunday morning at the Priory.

The text referred to is as follows:


The difference between Peace and Happiness: a Buddhist perspective
Karen Richards, Lay Minister

The talk was given at a conference called Faith in our Future organised by a women’s group, called The National Women’s Register.
October 2016 5Mb mp3

An Introduction to the Denkoroku

This talk by Karen Richards was given as part of a seminar on the Denkoroku at our recent Founder's Day celebration.
November 2016 44Mb mp3


Local Radio feature on the Priory.
Recording made at the Priory by Jim Hawkins, local radio presenter, for a feature on Budhism.
BBC Radio Shropshire Interview
25MB mp3 file to download

Sandokai Soto Zen Scripture

Sandokai Display Board at the Priory
Talk on the Sandokai, a profound religious poem by Sekito Kisen one of the great masters of the Soto Zen Tradition. The talk was given formally in the meditation Hall for people familiar with the text, which is recited regularly.
Sandokai 28Mb MP3

Short Videos

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Video answer to 'Ask a Buddhist' made by Clear Vision on the topic:Are you Enlightened? How would you know if you were or weren't?

Video answer to 'Ask a Buddhist' made by Clear Vision on the topic:Different approaches to meditation.